Ren here! I love anime/manga, t.v. (crime and British shows), gorgeous scenery, etc. I cosplay, draw, take photographs, compose music, read, and write in my spare time. Feel free to ask questions or talk to me! I don’t bite. Most of the things here will consist of my interests, but if there is something YOU would like to request – let me know! Thanks for looking around~!
I pack my suit in a bag I'm all dressed up for Prague. I'm all dressed up with you. I'm all dressed up for him too. Prepare myself for a war. Before I even open up my door. Before I even look out. I'm pissing all of my bullets about...'
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After like, a gazillion years, I’m finally done… //keelsover
This series of charm designs are inspired by certain characters in the characters’ names - The kanji for ‘Tadashi’ is taken from 忠犬ハチ公, the faithful dog Hachiko. By itself, it means loyalty. Tsuki(moon)shima(island)’s first name ‘Kei’ can be read as ‘Hotaru’, meaning fireflies (this is reflected in his current concern lmao this pissbaby—-). ‘Hinata’ is sunny spot and ‘Shouyou’ is made up of kanjis meaning flight and sunlight. Kageyama… -pfft- is basically shadow-mountain-flying-man -snorts- I CANNOT. ‘Yachi’ refers to lowlands while ‘Hitoka’ is made up of kanjis meaning kindness and flower.
If I made a mistake about interpreting their names - please tell me!! I’ll edit ASAP = v = 
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